Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

COSEHQ has integrated a network of community clinical practices known as Centers of Excellence™.

Our diverse Centers of Excellence are located across the Southeast Region. These Centers of Excellence, are high-performing practices that have achieved defined performance benchmarks in the management of cardiovascular risk factors. Centers of Excellence have the opportunity to participate in COSEHQ sponsored education, projects, peer-led best practices, and studies/research.

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Current Centers of Excellence

Access Healthcare

Apex, NC

Physician Lead: Brian Forrest, MD

Bland Clinic, PA

Greensboro, NC

Physician Lead: Veita Bland, MD

Cary Healthcare Associates, PA

Cary, NC

Physician Lead: Mazen Hamad, MD

DarSalud/LifeDOC Clinic

Memphis, TN

Physician Lead: Pedro Velasquez-Mieyer, MD

Dominion Primary Care

Danville, VA

Physician Lead: Pradeep Pradhan, MD

Genesis Health Care

Darlington, SC

Physician Lead: Alexander Cohen, MD

Hattiesburg Clinic

Hattiesburg, MS

Physician Lead: Bryan Batson, MD

Internal Medicine Specialist

Florence, SC

Physician Lead: Steve Ross, MD

John A. Martin Primary Health Care

Winnsboro, SC

Physician Lead: Mark Shaffer, MD

Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

North Charleston, SC

Physician Lead: Colby Grossman, MD

Regional HealthPlus

Spartanburg, SC

Physician Lead: Nick Ulmer, MD

Affiliate Practices

Practices that do not meet Centers of Excellence criteria but wish to be involved with COSEHQ benefitting from access to CME activities, website communications, peer learnings, and potential research involvement.

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Bahamas Heart Center

Nassau, Bahamas

Physician Lead-Conville Brown, MD

Clearwater CV Consultants

Clearwater, Florida

Lead-Jane Rainsford, NP

University of GA – Augusta

Augusta, GA

Physician Lead: Mathew Crim, MD

Hypertension Institute

Nashville, TN

Physician Lead: Mark Houston, MD

Sentara York Clinic

Norfolk, VA

Physician Lead: Charles Lovell, MD

Tapion Hospital

St. Lucia, W.I.

Physician Lead: Martin Didier, MD

University of West Indies – Cave Hill Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados

Lead: Damien Cohall, PhD

Wright State University

Dayton, OH

Lead: John McAlearney, PhD

Centers of Excellence Criteria

Centers of Excellence must:

Achieve at least a 65% population-based performance on no less than 2 of the 3 metrics to the defined prevailing goals:

  • Lipids Target Goal—LDL less than 100 mg/dL or statin use for diabetes and/or high-risk patients
  • Blood pressure—140/90 mmHg; with a goal to move to 130/80mmHg and achieve a 50% control rate by the end of 2021
  • Diabetes—ADA recommended target goals of A1c < 8%

Submit clinical data to COSEHQ database quarterly or provide a quarterly EHR generated data report demonstrating performance of target goals listed in point one above.

Attend annual COSEHQ Education Meetings

Engage in Clinical/Community Improvement Activity

Summit Centers’ Annual Report (template to be provided)

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A office building against a blue sky.

Apply to Become a Center of Excellence

COSEHQ invites clinical practices to become a Center of Excellence and partner in improving health outcomes. Practices interested in joining COSEHQ must demonstrate performance on established criteria above. The COSEHQ Membership Committee will review your application upon submission and contact you to schedule an interview either virtually or onsite.

  • Describe the organizational structure of your practice, including type of practice, number of physicians, specialty types, number of patient visits per year, typical diagnoses seen in practice, age distribution of patients, and percentage of Medicare/Medicaid patients. (This information used for potential federal/state grant opportunities.)
  • Please list or identify your developed mission statement for your practice and describe how it is consistent with that of COSEHQ’s. If you do not have one, describe how your practice’s philosophy and values are consistent with that of COSEHQ’s mission and vision.
  • Please describe how your practice intends to meet the COSEHQ mission and strategies of professional education, community outreach, quality improvement, compliance with evidence-based guidelines, contributions to the COSEHQ database.