A ChangeMaker - Dr. Brian Forrest

Dr. Brian ForrestFebruary 2018 - Dr. Brian Forrest received the designation of ChangeMaker by Medical Economics for his innovative direct primary care practice. Dr. Forrest is one of seven physicians across the country to hold this distinction.

In an interview, he recalls how he took inspiration from an article about Gordon Moore, the man who started the micro patient concept. Reading the article planted the seed that got Dr. Forrest to think outside the box - "Why couldn't family medicine be more like a gym membership?" he thought to himself. After interviewing practice managers and physicians during an elective in residency, Dr. Forrest learned their overload was from pushing papers to insurance companies. It was then he decided to eliminate administrative overhead and focus on patient care, which allowed him to charge patients less without compromising patient care.

Today Dr. Forrest has a thriving direct primary care office in Apex, North Carolina.

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Todd Shyrock, Rose Schneider Krivich, Jeff Bendix, Chris Mazzolini and Keith L Martin
February 25, 2018