Our Mission

The mission of the Consortium for Southeast Healthcare Quality is to empower health care professionals, patients, and the public with better knowledge, tools, and competencies through a continuous quality improvement process to secure optimal health and well being for all people.

Our Vision

The health of the population we serve will be improved by a more informed populace, a reduction in disparities, and optimized care in response to measured outcomes

Our Values

Imparted on all of our employees, faculty, subcontractors, consultants, subcontractors, and partners:

Excellence Demonstrating the highest standards of patient-centered care, education, research and operational effectiveness
Compassion Responsive to the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs of all
Service Cultivate selfless contribution for the greater good
Integrity Demonstrate fairness, honesty, sincerity, and accountability
Diversity Honor individuality and protect the dignity of all while reducing disparities
Collegiality Foster mutual respect, facilitate professional growth and mentorship, and reward teamwork and collaboration
Innovation Promote creativity to enhance discovery and the application of knowledge